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StickyBrix is a Lego idea page.
I hope that you will use Stickybrix as a site to gather ideas about different Lego themes. I hope that you can use these ideas to inspire your creativity, and spur your imagination.
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The Photo page currently houses creations from the Wild West theme. I'm hoping that in the future I will be able to add pages for other Lego themes.

Don't you think a webpage about Lego makes you look like a dork?
In short, yes. However, no one ever died saying, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office!", so this in short is a quick look at my way of relaxing and excersising my imagination and creativity. Also I'm hoping my extended family and friends will visit this site and then run out to buy my Christmas presents! BTW Mom and dad, the Cowboys are all gone from the store now, but I do like the knights.

The first six Wild West Lego sets. (1996) Wild West Theme History
Wild West Lego's debuted as a full theme in 1996. There were 6 sets in the initial release, and during the next 2 years the theme was expanded to include Native American sets. While never reaching it's full potential, the theme was fun and inventive. It was discontinued in 1998. For more info on the W.W.theme and its demise visit the about page.
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